Episode 17

17 - Monkeypox, Top Three Timesavers, Anaphylaxis, and More


June 13th, 2022

1 hr 11 mins 13 secs

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Welcome to Episode 17 of “The 2 View,” the podcast for EM and urgent care nurse practitioners and physician assistants!

Show Notes for Episode 17 of “The 2 View” – Monkeypox, A Typical NP/PA Day in the ER: Tips from the Heart, Timesavers, and Anaphylaxis.


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Top Three Timesavers

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Something Sweet

Shoutouts to:

Dr. Brendon Carmondy, who is the Assistant Director of the Emergency Department at Suburban Hospital in Maryland, and his entire team.

Sierra Campus of the Hospitals of Providence in El Paso, TX, especially Dr. Madhu Achalla.

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